I'll Smash You Good

Escaping the Slavers

Two wastelanders, Ikki and T’kkyl, find themselves captured by slavers associated with the merchant house Vordon. After a couple days from Tyr, the caravan is assaulted by an elven tribe. The battle leaves the caravan in chaos. T’kkyl takes advantage of the situation and manages to break free from his bonds. Realizing he likely can’t escape on his own, he sets Ikki and the other slaves free. The pair escape the prison room and kill a few guards on their own. While the slavers are well armed and prepared for defense, they are no match for the sheer numbers the elves have nor for the internal assault by the freed slaves, and all defeated and killed.

During the battle, T’kkyl and Ikki take a few opportune moments to search the caravan for anything useful: water, food, weapons, or maybe even some ceramic. They do find a few obsidian short-swords, useful for T’kkyl and the captain’s map.

The elves rescue their companion, and feeling kind and generous, allow the rest of the slaves to go free, including T’kkyl. The pair quickly flee the scene, hoping the map will lead them to something useful.


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