I'll Smash You Good

Escaping the Slavers

Two wastelanders, Ikki and T’kkyl, find themselves captured by slavers of the Resherek Merchant House. They spend a couple weeks in their Urik slave pens before being purchased, in a last ditch effort to bring something back with them to Tyr, by agents of the merchant house Vordon.

A few days out from Urik, the caravan is ambushed in a surprise attack by a Jura Dai Elf tribe. House Vordon, short on protection from recent attacks by larger rival merchant houses, is not able to mount much of a defense, causing wide-spread chaos during the battle.

Content Not Found: t-kkyl takes advantage of a lack of guards and manages to break free from his bonds. Realizing he likely can’t escape on his own, he sets Ikki and the other slaves free. The pair escape the into the main part of the caravan and kill a few guards on their own while searching for anything useful. They find a few obsidian short-swords and daggers, some ceramic, water, and what is assumed to be the captain’s map.

The Jura dai make quick work of Vordon’s agents and rescue the elven slave they came for. Feeling unusually generous, the elves rest of the slaves to go free, including T’kkyl. The pair quickly flee the scene, hoping the map will lead them to something interesting, and far away from their captors and the tribe.

Kazala's Dungeon: Part One

After the party tried to return to Kled and found themselves to actually be on some type of island they headed back to the village. Exploring the Kazala’s home turned out to be quite worthwhile as they found a number of magical items and devices. Flamo was the only one, however, to notice the change in the rear door of the kitchen. Where it once lead outside behind the house, now lead to some kind of dungeon. Since they were still licking their wounds and both physically and mentally exhausted, the party decided to heal-up and rest before exploring further.

The group rested while the kreen, not needing sleep, took turns keeping watch. Luckily the rest was uneventful as nothing else appeared. Ready to find a way off this creepy island and ready to explore, T’kkyl led the way down the stairs with T’t’bag’’ behind him, followed by Ikki, Xatris, Flamo, and Vismoris at the rear. This place is nothing like they’ve ever seen before. Everything is so finely crafted. The black floor was made from actual finished square-cut stone tiles, which surprisingly wasn’t obsidian, and the walls are from similar quality tan block. Torches placed at regular intervals keep the place lit enough to see without impairment, but there are still many shadows. As they walk and spread out they find that sound does not carry more than fifteen to twenty feet, leading to an eerie quietness.

This first room is quite small and has two exits: one leading to another hallway and a second opening into another room. T’kkyl explored hallway while the group waited for him. A couple quick turns and he was at the end with what seemed to be a doorway with a shimmering image of the desert. Hoping it was a portal that did not lead to his death, T’kkyl walked through. He immediately appeared outside in the desert standing in front of a doorway and a small familiar mountain range. These are the mountains behind Kazala’s village. Instead of being to the north-west as he last saw them, they’re now to the south. This was a new part of the island they haven’t been to yet. T’kkyl walked back through and wound-up back where he started. He joined his friends and they all continued on.

The Lizard Head Trap

After continuing into the next room they find it’s just as empty as where they came from, except for the stone lizard-head sculpture mounted on the wall around the corner. Noticing the scorch marks on the black floor, they determine the head is actually hiding a magical flame trap.

T’t’bag’’ was completely unfazed by the simple obstacle. Using his obviously correctly-bending insectoid knees and superior kreen acrobatic skills, he performed a standing jump, grabbed the outside corner of the hallway to direct himself in an arc, he landed on his feet entirely bypassing the trap. T’kkyl couldn’t let his fellow kreen have all the spotlight so he attempted the same maneuver. Whether it was over-confidence or (bad) luck of the dice, he caught his foot on a lip causing him to lose his grasp the corner, and landed right on the scorch marks. Immediately a large cone of fire blasted from the lizards mouth. Due to his quick thinking he T’kkyl rolled on through into the next room, taking more damage to his ego than to his flesh. The smell afterward was rather pleasant to the humanoid half of the party, making them salivate and strangely wish they had melted butter.

Ikki watched the kreen intently and figured she could make it too. With T’t’bag assisting, minimally by her standards, she leaped and made it through completely unharmed.

Next came Xatris. Trying the same acrobatic stunt did not work out in her favor. Not only did she trip on the same lip as T’kkyl had, she also landed in the worst possible way and rolled into the corner. No sooner from coming to a stop on her back, the trap went off engulfing her entire body in flame, leaving her unconscious and knocking on death’s door. T’kkyl and T’t’bag quickly grabbed her arms and pulled her into the next room. T’t’bag however couldn’t help himself and managed to snag a small piece of seared elf skin as a snack. No one else seemed to notice. Ikki leaped in and used her recently found healing wand on Xatrix, reviving her nearly to full health. Xatrix stood up slightly embarrassed but shook it off.

The last two party members to cross the trap were Vismoris and Flamo. Vismoris also fell victim the same evil lip on the floor. He reacted quickly, rolling into his fall and avoiding most of the fire. He stood up and dusted himself off, less cooked than he could have been. Ikki healed the her new party member with the wand, as she did with Xatrix. Last, but not certainly not least, was Flamo. Being last allowed him ample time to watch both how to jump and how not to jump. He made it across without effort. Perhaps only a kreen could do better.

Meeting the Locals

Marching on, the next room lead into a long hallway before coming to an narrow intersection. T’kkyl went left, scouring for traps. His keen kreen senses detected some kind of trigger but he couldn’t figure out the trap. He warned his party and jumped as far as he could, avoiding whatever evil damage was waiting for him. T’chai went left. The hallway rounded the corner and ended at a giant spider web the blocked their path. He grabbed a torch and held it into the web, thinking he could burn it up. A few small threads were singed and the torch went out. Spending the next couple minutes he hacked through the web leaving enough room to pass through before finding their path blocked yet again by a floor-to-ceiling pile of junk. Frustrated, T’chai yelled at Vismoris to remove the debris and walked off to see what T’kkyl was up to. Vismoris reluctantly obliged.

Meanwhile T’kkyl continued down the hall, around the corner, and found it ended at a door. After smashing his shoulder into the door a couple times, the door flew open. The room contained a few piles of flesh and the rotting corpse of a snarling zombie. Instinctively he slammed the door shut. T’kkyl opened the door and charged in. He wound up and swung his swords, striking the zombie twice and releasing a cloud of dust into the air. While the zombie was able to get a couple minor hits in, T’kkyl made quick work of the nasty undead creature. By the time T’t’bag arrived the fight was over. The kreen left to see if Vismoris had finished clearing the blockade, which he had.

T’kkyl opened the newly accessible door to a pitch-black room. After letting his eyes adjust he stepped inside and found some new friends. Spiders. Human-size spiders. As charismatic as T’kkyl could be, he blurted out “who are you?” The reply came in his head, “who are you?” T’kkyl found out the spiders were captured some time ago and are unable to leave. He lead one of them out through the portal he used earlier. The spider became nearly blinded by the light and quickly returned to his clutch. T’kkyl returned and started escalating the situation but T’t’bag managed to calm the spiders down. He found out that the spiders have been captive for a long time, unable to leave the dungeon, and unwilling to leave their room for fear of the other creatures that live in the dungeon. T’t’bag managed to negotiate an alliance where if the party will help them escape, they will assist them if they need more allies.

The party, surprised they escape a situation without combat, left to find the exit. Leaving the room they find a couple intersections. Flamo explored one path and T’kkyl the other, but they found the two paths form a loop. Eventually they found themselves at yet another winding hallway.

It’s a Trap

Not far past the spiders they found a hallway containing a couple statues, and in front of them, a stone carving of Kazala near the ceiling. When anyone stood in front of the statues, a deep red glow would emanate from their eyes. Flamo used the recently acquired Magnificent Trap Detector and determined them to be part of a complicated trap.Ikki, the party’s expert arcanist, took a few moments to examine the surroundings and the mechanisms that make up the trap. Just as Ikki was about finished, she peered around the corner and noticed a second bust of Kazala on the wall, just as the one in front of her. The trap was much more complicated than she original thought.

T’kkyl decided to use his trusty-old trap removal process – rapid force disassembly (aka smashing it with a weapon). He stepped up and looked at the left statue in the eyes, waiting for them glow. Winding up, he took a swing and smashed the statue’s face, knocking a chunk off. The eyes continued to glow. T’kkyl took the glowing eyes as a sign of defiance and the anger swelled inside him. He quickly swung his fists a second time but the anger clouded his judgement and he only nicked the statue, doing no damage. Again, he swung his fists but this time they hit. A huge piece of the statue’s shoulder and debris flew off, bouncing off the wall and floor. The eyes stayed lit. T’ykkl’s mind filled with rage and he directed it into his claws. Both struck. The statue exploded, sending pieces everywhere. There were no eyes left to defy him. The next statue suffered the same fate. T’kkyl slammed his fists into it over and over again until the eyes went dark.

Having destroyed the trigger for the fire trap, Ikki once again examined the trap. Finding it disabled, T’ykkl reluctantly stepped forward hoping he would not be cooked. Nothing. Looking down the rest of the hall was a second Kazala head – something Ikki missed on her initial examination. Assuming the trap disabled he walked forward. Immediately the second head growled as a cone of fire engulfed the area. While the fire spread faster than he could react, he was able to leap forward past most of it, with only the tip of his thorax singed.

Next up, T’t’bag. Since repating the same maneuver as before would be too difficult he used same method T’kkyl did to disable the first head, smashy smashy. Using his monk prowess to hit things a lot, he quickly smashed the head with bits and pieces of floor tile, causing the statue head to explode sending rubble everywhere.

With Kazala’s latest trap broken and in many pieces, everyone else made it through safely. The kreen kept watch for the next


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