I'll Smash You Good

Escaping the Slavers

Two wastelanders, Ikki and T’kkyl, find themselves captured by slavers of the Resherek Merchant House. They spend a couple weeks in their Urik slave pens before being purchased, in a last ditch effort to bring something back with them to Tyr, by agents of the merchant house Vordon.

A few days out from Urik, the caravan is ambushed in a surprise attack by a Jura Dai Elf tribe. House Vordon, short on protection from recent attacks by larger rival merchant houses, is not able to mount much of a defense, causing wide-spread chaos during the battle.

Content Not Found: t-kkyl takes advantage of a lack of guards and manages to break free from his bonds. Realizing he likely can’t escape on his own, he sets Ikki and the other slaves free. The pair escape the into the main part of the caravan and kill a few guards on their own while searching for anything useful. They find a few obsidian short-swords and daggers, some ceramic, water, and what is assumed to be the captain’s map.

The Jura dai make quick work of Vordon’s agents and rescue the elven slave they came for. Feeling unusually generous, the elves rest of the slaves to go free, including T’kkyl. The pair quickly flee the scene, hoping the map will lead them to something interesting, and far away from their captors and the tribe.


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